First Post–month five.


In September 2013 I started My Year of Dumplings.  Now, five months later, I am starting my blog, because:

a. every time I mention this to someone, they ALWAYS ask me if I’m blogging about it, and

b. David finally came back from Africa to help me set up the blog. He also wisely (Weasley?) selected the web address.

I kept notes (below) and will attempt to judiciously edit them.

September 24 is a strange date to start a year long endeavor.  I am starting my year of dumplings.  Actually, the idea and resolve came yesterday. And the Year started 2 days ago.  2 weeks ago if you count the Empanadas.  Are Empanadas dumplings? 2 weeks ago Amy mentioned to me “we made empanadas” (during her SPOT training). I, of course, took that not as an excited exclamation from my youngest, but as a direct threat and challenge. I can make empanadas, I thought, even though I’ve never made them. I made “Shanghai Empanadas”, since I prefer Asian flavors.  Made Mom’s red cooked pork, cut the bits of pork smaller and added a little cinnamon, hot pepper and just a few molecules of vinegar.   Then I added simmered little cubes of potato to act as a binder, added some frozen peas. Totally delicious, the dough was easy enough but a bit of a PITA to roll out each one.

But I digress.

2 days ago I hosted an Asian Dumpling workshop—Terri Dien and Mia Chambers of “Dear Martini” taught the class.  Making the ha gow wrappers was cool!  I CAN DO THAT.


My goal:  52 different kinds of dumplings in 1 year.

IMG_5051IMG_20130924_195448not technically a dumpling, sticky rice meatballs, aka ‘porcupines’

IMG_1412IMG_1415classic potstickers


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